Tracking & Status Reporting

Tracking & Status Reporting

Keep your project on track

A single project may entail hundreds of purchase orders with thousands of line items. How will you know whether they will arrive on schedule? With our tracking and status reports, you can see the progress of your cargo. While our skilled project leaders work with your purchase orders and arrange for the pickup and delivery of materials from many global sources, our team can track the status of every item on every purchase order. You receive the communications you need to keep your staff and clients informed about where the project stands.

Be prepared with answers when your customers come calling. Our reporting can provide:

  • Quick and easy access to purchase order details, product locations and shipment status, all in one place
  • Information on back orders, partial releases and consolidated orders
  • Extensive tracking details, including requested, scheduled and actual pickups and deliveries, as well as locations, dates and events
  • Shipping documents, including manifests and proofs of delivery
  • Customized reports that arrive with the frequency you need to stay informed

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